San Juan Capistrano Teachers on Strike!


taken from:LA Times

What was supposed to be a one-day teachers’ strike in Capistrano Unified School District continued for a second day Friday morning after negotiations with the district over pay and benefits failed to be resolved Thursday.

“We will be on strike until we have a settlement,” said Vicki Soderberg, president of Capistrano Unified Education Assn., which represents 2,200 teachers. “I am hopeful, but until then the issues are not resolved and the strike is still going on.”

Representatives from both sides are scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. to try to reach an agreement. Teachers and district representatives sat down to discuss negotiations Thursday afternoon, but a resolution was not reached after several hours, Soderberg said.

Teachers are protesting the school board’s decision to cut off negotiations and impose 10% pay cuts to help close a $34-million budget gap. The union, which represents 2,200 teachers, wants the district to make the pay cuts temporary and to restore salaries, unpaid work days and other benefits if “unforeseen funds” are received.

According to the Associated Press, “It is the first teachers’ strike in the county in a decade.”

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