ACLU Raises Constitutional Concerns Regarding UCSC Judicial Process


SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California has sent the UCSC administration a letter this morning expressing their concerns over the “constitutional failures in the University’s disciplinary process for students who are alleged to have participated in the protest at Kerr Hall in November 2009.”  The letter is highly critical of the UCSC administration pointing out significant flaws of due process that have occurred and continue to occur so far.

From the ACLU: “The ACLU of Northern California sent a letter today to the Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Senate at U.C. Santa Cruz, criticizing the University’s use of restitution as a penalty for students alleged to have participated in protests in November 2009.  The ACLU letter cites due process concerns, criticizing the University for subjecting students to a $944 fine without a hearing and without proof of individual responsibility for claimed damage.  The letter also criticizes the University’s failure to provide students who are being granted a hearing  for other forms of discipline with specific factual allegations of misconduct and a description of the evidence the University has of their alleged misconduct.”

The seven page letter is posted below:

View this document on Scribd

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