Re-Live Week


BERKELEY, California – Students at UC Berkeley are holding another “live week” modeled after last semester, this time at Dwinelle Hall. “Live week” is a play on words of “dead week,” the often dreaded week before finals. The purpose of live week is to open up a space on campus for the duration of dead week (as an open occupation). It begins this week on May 3rd at 2:30pm.

Also this week at Berkeley, a protest is being held against the UC judicial student code of conduct, responsible for a judicial process that has been called into question by the ACLU, among others. The protest is being held on May 5th, 1:30pm in Sproul Plaza. RSVP on facebook here.

Live Week description on the facebook event:

The campus community has been drastically affected by budget cuts – whether by layoffs, furloughs, fee hikes, increased class sizes, or cuts to services. In October, students created a constructive and positive space in the anthropology library, and succeeded in getting many campus libraries re-opened on Saturdays – this provided much needed study space, employment for library staff, and was also a definitive step in countering the measures that are being taken in the name of efficiency and necessity. “Dead” week, or RRR week, is another symptom of the cuts affecting UC Berkeley’s campus, so we again offer a constructive alternative to a dead campus, full libraries and stressed out students and faculty.

From Monday, May 3rd through Saturday May 8th, we will transform Dwinelle Hall into a 24-hour Open University. With overstuffed libraries and full coffee shops, we will provide safe study space that is available nowhere else on campus. We will provide free food, a positive environment, classrooms available for study sessions, teach-ins, forums, club meetings, skillshares, free artistic and political expression, and whatever else our minds can dream up.

We are attempting to create an alternative model to what a truly public education could look like. The Open University is a time for us to open this university to all people and to all forms of expression and education. Our university is not only a space for hard work and practicality; it is a place for fun, fulfillment, and happiness. Our university is not only a space for people of privilege; it is a place for all of the community: young and old, rich and poor, majority and minority, teacher and student. Our university is not only a space to learn from books and lectures; it is a place to learn from each other’s experiences and expressions, and to create and share new knowledge and build a collective future. We show that we can run our public university the way it should be run — by the public.

This university is yours! We shift competition to cooperation. We replace stress and anxiety with compassion and joy. We transform the traditional balance of power of this institution to create an education that includes the interests, concerns, and passions of all of us, and embodies the true ideal of democracy.


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