Hunger Strikers Under Pressure


BERKELEY, California – 20-30 students at UC Berkeley have been on hunger strike now for over 170 hours in front of California Hall. The administration and the hunger strikers have been in negotiations off and on over their 6 demands. The strikers’ have had unyielding resolve and have refused to receive watered down resolutions. They’ve also refused the administrations’ attempts to discourage the strikers and block out union representation in the meetings. The police have had a constant presence; they told strikers the first night that sleeping on the lawn outside California Hall would violate no-camping codes on campus and would result in arrest. So, strikers have been careful to not sleep there.

Around 6:30am this morning, the police arrived and ordered the strikers to disperse. It appears that the hunger strikers left the lawn and the police taped off the area. However, the police left later and the strikers returned to the grass. Then workers were told to turn on the sprinklers, however they refused to do so. The hunger strikers are asking for people to come by this morning for support and to bring raingear.


  • At least three hunger strikers are now beginning a dry strike!
  • Letter to Campus Community from Hunger Strikers
  • Hunger Strikers Rally at 3:30pm today (5/10)!
  • Strikers requesting that you, “call the chancellor’s office now and demand that he meet with [the hunger strikers]: 510-642-7464”
  • Hunger Strikers issue Press Release.
  • Police refuse supporters to hand hunger strikers sitting-in in front of California Hall water.
  • 5:00pm: All four entrances to the building have been blocked by students, workers, and community members.
  • 200-400 supporters and strikers marched to outside the Chancellor’s mansion on campus where a “diversity dinner” is being held.
  • 6:15pm: Reportedly, Alameda County Sheriff’s office bringing in buses and riot police.
  • Another rally has been called for Tuesday at 3:30pm

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