CSU Fresno: Library study-in suppressed with police


Central Valley IMC:

FRESNO, California – Today after the Fresno State library closed at 5, 11 students refused to leave. In protest of reduced hours 11 students stayed in the Fresno State library after it closed on Saturday. This was in protest of the fact that finals are next week and the school has done nothing to increase library access to students. Friday night, students were also asked to leave early so that donors could have a “Wizard of Oz” conference, this also was protested by students.

At Saturday’s occupation, nearly a dozen campus police and FPD (who are not allowed on campus) came in along with Dr. Coon to threaten the students with a judicial review and delayed graduation. This is absurd since the budget cuts have led to cut classes and overcrowded classes which is already leading to delayed graduation for many students.

After 2 hours the students had their names taken down by the PD and were escorted out of the building. None of the law enforcement were willing to answer any questions, this includes FPD who were asked why they were there when they weren’t supposed to be there, they were also asked for names and badge numbers but refused this as well.

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