General Strike Shuts Down Greece (again)


GREECE – A general strike was called for today, May 20th.

from After the Greek Riots:

“first footage from Parliament before the bulk of the demonstrators arrived. The amount of people there at the moment is unbelievable”. (see above link for video)

  • In Exarcheia, police have blocked off two social spaces (the Nosotros Social Centre and the office of the Anarchist Archive) in order to stop people from joining the demonstration (!) At the time of writing (13.50 GMT+2) the siege continued.
  • Police are detaining people across the city, very difficult to even record all detentions here. A group of students of the Polytechnic school were arrested while exiting their institution; on Tritis Septemvriou street, riot police have been reported to have violently beaten pensioners who were preparing to join the demonstration.

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