Hamburg & Dortmund occupied


Dortmund, Germany

GERMANY – Students throughout Germany and Austria participated today in the first day in a series of national days of action and strikes against education reforms, budget cuts, and the de-democratization of education. Students at the University of Hamburg and the University of Dortmund occupied their Economics and Politics faculties. Tent cities are forming on several university campuses throughout Germany as well.



6am PDT: Around 200 students are currently occupying a castle, an administration building at the University of Erlangen. In Freiburg, 2000 students occupied a railway and reports of arrests. In Marburg, some 1000 people are out protesting. 5000 demonstrate at Stuttgart, 3000 at Münster, 1500 in Sigmaringen and 2000 in Essen. So far, approximately 70,000 demonstrators across Germany.

Düsseldorf, Germany

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