General Strike in Greece on June 29


ATHENS, Greece – The two main trade unions in Greece (GSEE and ADEDY) have announced a general strike for June 29th. The strike will come six days late, as it is so far confirmed that the government will bring the new law for public insurance and labour issues to parliament on June 23d (!) The new law more than doubles the number of employee firings a company is allowed per month, while cutting to less than half the minimum legal compensation, which will now be paid in installments. (via From The Greek Streets)

One Response to “General Strike in Greece on June 29”

  1. Carpenter Says:

    Bankers destroyed the World’s Economy and so they are now going to right the rules on how Greece and the rest of the World should pay them for such a con game. The banksters issued many bubblegum loans and knowing pushed them in a ponzi scheme on financial markets. All the banksters must be put in jail along with Madoff or we the people must take up our arms and if we do nothing they will take everything and give us nothing. All world government/politicians seems to be controlled by these banksters in order for them to stay in power and now we the people must make the change,

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