UPR Strike: Negotiated Agreement Ratified


PUERTO RICO – In the past four days, student bodies from the 11 campus University of Puerto Rico system ratified the negotiated agreement concluded by the student negotiating committee and the UPR administration, thus ending the 60-day long strike. Classes on several of the campuses are to resume shortly, while others will not return until August. At least at the Carolina campus, administrators will not allow students to help in the post-strike clean up process.

In the midst of the celebrations, students are also concerned that due to some of the ambiguity in the language of the negotiated agreement, that tuition increases may be reintroduced in January of 2011. So, several campuses have ratified the agreement conditionally—that tuition doesn’t increase in January. Some consider the fall moratorium on tuition increases as an opportunity for alternatives to be presented. However, students seem to be prepared to go on strike again if necessary.

More of about the UPR Strike:

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  1. UPR Student Occupy Social Science and Education Depts. « occupy california Says:

    […] coverage of last spring’s 2 month long strike here. See also, analysis of the UPR strike in the spring […]

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