Oakland Court Support Needed


Here we go again! On Thursday July 8th, 2010 close to one hundred people were arrested after an inadequate verdict was released for the Mehserle trial. Just like the Oakland Rebellions of January 2009, most of those who were arrested will not face criminal charges.

However, THIS IS A CRUCIAL MOMENT for us to show the D.A. and the courts that they cannot decide the fate of those demonstrators that are still facing charges without being accountable to the larger movement for justice for Oscar Grant. Right now, 13 are still in jail with 55K or higher bail or being held with no bail.

This is a call out to all who are able to come support the people still facing charges. Show up to hearings 30 minutes prior to the times below to meet outside the court and walk in together.

Below are the dates and info for the upcoming hearings. Hearings will be held at Wiley W Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington St @ 7th St., Oakland.

Thursday July 22nd 9AM rm 115 4 people
Friday July 23rd 9AM rm 104 1 person
Monday July 26th 2PM rm 112 1 person

Also, try and make special arrangements to come out for the mass arraignment, to stand in solidarity on the day that most of those arrested will have to show up to court.

Monday August 9th 9AM rm 107 60+ people


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