Chittagong University on Indefinite Strike


CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh – On Monday, July 26th, students at the public Chittagong University protested (simultaneously with students in Dhaka) against tuition fee hikes. The students called for an indefinite strike to begin the next day and thousands of students have continued to participate since then.

The banner reads: "Withdraw all types of fee increases! Students against hike of tuition fees!"

More from Emancipating-Education:

The university authorities filed criminal cases against 11 activists by name and 21 others as unknown so far. This only gave the movement another boost. It is now spreading from the university campus across the whole city. Students of other institutions in Chittagong are joining the movement. Thousands of people have been occupying the four major streets of the city, chanting slogans and performing revolutionary songs.

Friday and Saturday are weekly holidays at universities in Bangladesh. The students involved in the movement are mainly non-residential students. Like at other universities the dormitories are constantly controlled by armed cadres of the state government. Therefore residential students are intimidated to get directly involve in the movement. Nontheless many residential students left their dormitories this weekend and joined the rallies in Chittagong city. They plan to spend the whole night in the city streets with protest activities. And tomorrow they will again march towards the campus from city.

Thanks to Tarek (an activist in Bangladesh) for sharing this information.

All of this continues as, on Friday, garment workers in Dhaka rebelled against ridiculously meager state sanctioned wage increases. More photos from the streets of Chittagong:

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