Chittagong Students Clash with Police


CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh – “For more than one week students have been massively resisting a hike in tuition fees at Chittagong University (CU) in Bangladesh. It began with a few hundred demonstrating on July 26th and culminated into a whole movement involving students from various institutions in Chittagong, the second largest city in Bangladesh with about 3.7 mio people…

Following further protests students were confronted with state repression on Aug.2nd…

Following the unrests university authorities decided to close down the campus until September 16th. According to different sources 70 to 250 students were injured, up to 90 were hospitalized and 500 students arrested. Almost 1,600 students at Chittagong University have been sued so far.

After this kind of violence students are determined to fight back with the new term!

A solidarity group was set up on facebook.” (via Emancipating Education)


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