PR Teachers to Strike


PUERTO RICO – The Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico has called for a day of strike on August 26th to defend their retirement system and public education. This call comes in the midst of the continuing retaliation by the University of Puerto Rico administrators against students for the 2 month long strike this past spring. Many students are still being targeted for supporting the strike; most recently, students that had remained at campus housing during the strike are being refused a renewal of their tenancy for the next semester.


2 Responses to “PR Teachers to Strike”

  1. W. Meyers Says:

    Wow. I was just browsing this blog today and it’s amazing the coverage you have to what’s going on in other places regarding education.

    About the students who they didn’t want to renew their contracts for the next semester, we got it but we’re still probably going to be penalized through the Discipline Committee and may loose our status as residents. For some of us losing our residence could equal not being able to study as the rent for the residences are very low and specifically for low-income students.

    The residents organized a small protest at the university on August 19th. Here’s a video of one of my friends explaining our situation: It’s in Spanish but you can see how some people showed up for the protest and showed their support.

  2. W. Meyers Says:

    Spelling: may lose*

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