Charges Dropped for UCD Student


DAVIS, California – Last November, students across the UC system were in an uproar over the 32% tuition increase; protests and occupations sprouted up throughout the 10 campus system in response. Students at UC Davis took over the lobby of their main administrative building, Mrak Hall. Only one student was arrested while being outside of the building in support—for allegedly assaulting an officer among other spurious charges. Nearly 10 months later, her ludicrous charges have now been dropped. UC and CSU students at several campuses still face charges and sanctions for occupations and other protest activities last fall and earlier this year; some only face judicial charges inside the university’s kangaroo court.


One Response to “Charges Dropped for UCD Student”

  1. Emily Montan Says:

    I hope the student presses false arrest charges on the University. Someone must be held accountable for the police behaving badly. Perhaps some of the Regents should be arrested…

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