Riot in Eugene


‘like a war zone’

EUGENE, Ore. — Shattered glass and beer bottles litter the intersection of 13th Avenue and Ferry Street just blocks from the University of Oregon campus.

This is the scene one day after police took action against 400 college-age partiers Friday night.

“The party was just in the streets,” said student Antoine Simmons. “It was crazy. I’ve never seen that many kids in one place.”

YouTube videos have been posted by those who were there.

According to Eugene police, several residents hosted house parties on Ferry Street Friday night.  Those parties grew and eventually spilled onto the road. (read more)

2 Responses to “Riot in Eugene”

  1. Mark Says:

    Wait was this a rupture? Did you communize the shit out of that intersection?

  2. we-eed Says:

    bro riots. an american pastime. all you have to do to not get in serious trouble for rioting is make it seem non-political.
    and they say america doesn’t prosecute based on ideas…. psshaww.

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