French Youth Fight Austerity


French youths battled riot police, truckers blocked roads and filling stations ran dry as protests escalated Monday against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. (via some news website).

also, French strikes force 1,500 petrol stations run dry (out of 12,000). (via some other news site).


2 Responses to “French Youth Fight Austerity”


    10h00. L’activité de 379 lycées est perturbée en France ce matin, selon le ministère de l’Education nationale. C’est le plus grand nombre relevé par le ministère à la même heure depuis le début du mouvement lycéen contre la réforme des retraites. La Fédération indépendante et démocratique lycéenne (Fidl), deuxième organisation, évoque elle 1.200 lycées «engagés», dont 850 connaissant «blocage ou barrage».

    09h45. De nouveaux affrontements entre jeunes et CRS ont lieu devant le lycée Joliot-Curie de Nanterre, théâtre de violences lundi. Quelque 200 jeunes encagoulés sont arrivés vers 09H30 devant le lycée et certains ont incendié une voiture.

    9 heures. La place de la République à Paris est complètement paralysée. 200 lycéens, venus principalement du lycée voisin Turgot, bloquent la circulation avec des poubelles et des palettes de bois, créant un énorme bouchon
    Situation (Libération news-paper) october,19th.
    strikes : dockers, transport trucks, railway, teachers,refineries, students, post…Many colleges with blockades, more than 300 (it’s the maxima of the movement, et least), fights against police in some places (Lyon, Paris…),
    For further information, please see : JURA LIBERTAIRE overblog, Indymedia Paris, Lyon, Grenoble,Montpellier, Toulouse;

    It seems tome that the movement of strike is superseeding the initial point of starting (Reform of retirment), with tjhe massive entry of youth in the conflict. Yet the union CGT, is trying to slow or stop the fight, even repressing young radicals, or activists from any movement they are scare from : Sans-papiers, squatters…
    The base movement, even from unions (CGT, FO CFDT, SUD), is pretty strong, many members disagree with the upper and bosses of these unions, it’s patent since long time, specialy for CGT.
    Situation is still at a critical point.

    Salutations from France, (let’s dance class struggle dance)

  2. riots in bklyn Says:

    Riots Spread From France To U.S. As Strikes Continue

    Rioting in France over austerity measures has spread across the Atlantic Tuesday night, with small groups of youths forming sporadically throughout Brooklyn and causing disturbances.

    The youths were seen building barricades, setting several cars on fire, and skirmishing with police, ostensibly in opposition to cuts to social services in France and the United States. The protests come as countries around the globe are adopting IMF-style austerity programs and cutting social services amid the global economic recession in attempts to right their economies.

    The demonstrators last night carried signs saying “We won’t pay for their crisis,” as they chanted, “From Paris to Brooklyn, Nous Sommes Tous Des Casseurs.” The skirmishes were described by NYPD as fairly mild, though eyewitnesses describe seeing several cars set ablaze in the rioting.

    One demonstrator who asked that his name be withheld said, “We want to see a global rebellion against a future of capitalist crisis, so we are making it happen tonight ; we want to show the youth in France that they are inspiring us and they should keep rioting.”

    Several residents said the groups of youth were handing out copies of “The Coming Insurrection,” an anonymously-written book from France made famous when its supposed authors were arrested on terrorism charges in France and became known as the Tarnac 9. When the book was released in English last year, an impromptu book party was held in a New York Barnes & Nobles, which was reported in the New York Times.

    The United States has not seen massive protests like the ones currently taking place in France against raising the retirement age, but many states have levied severe cuts to social services since the financial crisis began, including cuts to higher education that sparked occupations of university building throughout the U.S. last year.

    Whether these riots in Brooklyn are an isolated occurrence or will spread throughout the U.S. as the situation in France becomes more serious remains to be seen.

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