SF Giants Post-Game Riot


SAN FRANCISCO, California – After the SF Giants won the world series last night, November 1st, fans and celebrators took to the streets. As crowds began to swell on half a dozen roads throughout the city, police appeared to have lost control. Decidedly, through the use of social media sites and an online SFPD scanner, people online were able to follow the events in detail. Through out the evening several reports flooded into the police dispatch describing various crowds at various intersections at numbers often between 500 to “a few thousand”. Quickly, the street parties took over entire blocks, stopping traffic, and beginning bonfires. People danced on cars and buses, trash cans were lit aflame, storefronts smashed and looted, and even some vehicles (including city buses) were reportedly set on fire. Most of the communication on the scanner suggested that the Mission district and the area immediately surrounding the Giants’ stadium were the key areas of unrest. The police only seemed to regain control around 1am.

The decentralized nature of the riot epicenters seemed to have divided the police thoroughly into confusion; notably, when crowds began setting things on fire and breaking windows at 22nd and Mission, 16th and Valencia and several intersections along King, police throughout the city were regularly calling for assistance, but unable to receive any. Eventually support arrived, 36 officers strong, from San Mateo (the county directly south of San Francisco).

The following are scattered details (reported on either the police scanner or social media sites):

  • A police squad car, carrying assault weapons, was broken into. Several other police car windows were smashed.
  • A police officer injured/down.
  • Several stores broken into or looted, including: Wells Fargo, Borders, and the Dug Out (at the stadium).
  • Bottles thrown at police officers. At one point, a police officer radioed in stating, “just to be clear, they’re throwing full bottles of beer at us… they’re full of liquid, so they’re heavy!” Also, “we’re still taking heavy bottles!”
  • At one point code 217 (a shooting) was radioed in and a police chase after a silver acura ensued.

Also, see this mapping of twitter reports of the evening.


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2 Responses to “SF Giants Post-Game Riot”

  1. SF Giants Post-Game Riot « occupy california « Parents 4 democratic Schools Says:

    […] SF Giants Post-Game Riot « occupy california. […]

  2. noobdles Says:

    My friend was listening on the scanners and told me about this video. Crazy baseball fans huh…..

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