Update on Cal Student Conduct Situation


from thosewhouseit:

We already knew it was a kangaroo court, but the student conduct process at Berkeley is getting out of control.   The second hearing that we advertised last week lasted roughly 12 hours and the continuation date has yet to be determined.  Meanwhile the first hearing (concerning an alleged occupant of A&E), which concluded in a sentence of a warning and re-education essay, had its verdict disregarded altogether by the administration.  The guilty party had his sentence arbitrary elevated to “disciplinary probation” through the spring semester despite the hearing panel’s recommendation.  All it took to change the verdict was the signature of a mid-level bureaucrat.

Meanwhile, the Daily Cal is reporting that the conduct process for the Wheeler and A&E occupations has cost the university $23,000.  That’s right.  $23 thousand, more than enough to effectively cover the doubling of childcare for all GSIs on the Berkeley campus, though apparently the administration doesn’t have enough money for that.  That’s what they told the UAW 2865 bargaining team — the union representing 12,000 GSIs, tutors, and readers across all UC campuses — when the administration didn’t even send someone authorized to bargain to the most recent bargaining session on 10/27.

But we are in a budget crisis after all.  Of course there’s money to run these show trials but not to adjust GSI pay to inflation.

Build for the UAW strike!  Let’s shut down the campus in order to transform it!

Take fee hikes off the table once and for all!

Fair contracts for all UC workers!  No cuts to pensions!

Drop all charges against student activists!



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