Cal, Fight the Admin Tuesday, the Regents Wednesday


from ThoseWhoUseIt:

What we’ve previously referred to as a “banner war” should probably have been called a banner battle given the onslaught prepared for tomorrow.  If you are in the East Bay, don’t miss tomorrow’s action at 6:30 am at California Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.  We know it’s early, but please arrive on time if at all possible — we will need numbers immediately.

But of course this is a two-front war.  After we take on our respective UC campus administrations on Tuesday (and we’ve heard that our comrades at Santa Cruz will be getting down as well), we’ll be combining forces on Wednesday and attempting to shut down the Regents’ meeting at the UCSF Mission Bay campus.  Again, it is essential that we have numbers as early as possible.  If that means that you have to crash on your friend’s couch in the City on Tuesday night, do it.  We know that the unions are sending buses and urge those who have no other way to get to UCSF to take them, but these also return by about 10:30 and we’ll need numbers until about 4 pm if we really want to shut this thing down.

8 % more?  How about you rescind the 32 % increase?!

Hands off our pensions!

Fair contracts for all UC workers now!

Send austerity measures the way of Yudof’s hairline!

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