Cal Admins Blockaded


BERKELEY, California – As of 6:30am this morning, students at UC Berkeley have begun blocking the entrances to the California Hall, the main administrative building on campus. All entrances are surrounded.


8:50am: UCPD has opened up an entrance. Alameda sheriffs have come as back up.

9:40am: Numbers are still low, between 50-100. Expecting more, for now they’re just waiting. [correction: numbers closer to 40.]

10:20am: More from thosewhouseit.

One Response to “Cal Admins Blockaded”

  1. Berkeley Student Activists Shut Down Campus Admin Building « Student Activism Says:

    […] am | The action is still going on. The blog Occupy California has a photo from the scene, and a report that the UCPD have managed to secure one entrance to the building, with the others […]

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