UK Universities Occupied


UNITED KINGDOM – Thousands of students are protesting today against fee hikes and cuts to education throughout the UK today. (Estimates at 130,000). These protests comes on the heel of a 50k strong march through London which ended in the smashing of the Tory party lobby, only two weeks ago. Although reports are still trickling in (see indymedia: UK, London, Bristol), perhaps the most notable events of the day include the multiple university occupations, police brutality, and the ongoing police tactic of “kettling“. As of this writing (around 9:30pm in London), reportedly thousands of people are still being kettled in London, including children. These demonstrators have been kettled now for over 8 hours in the winter cold. [Edit: it appears those kettled were released sometime around 10:30pm in London]

Abandoned police van in London.

Live news from the Guardian. A map of the actions here. See Anti-Cuts for some updates.

Approximately 24 universities have been occupied in the past few days, including:

  • Cambridge University – Old Schools Commons occupied on the 25th – DefendEd.
  • University of Sheffield – Sheffield Occupation. (Occupation ended Thursday, as security forced them out; they temporarily occupied the vice-chancellor’s office afterwords but were forced to leave when more police arrived. They’re preparing for the day of action next week.)
  • Birmingham University – Twitter feed here. (Occupation ended during the evening of the 24th.)
  • University of Warwick – Arts Center Lecture Theatre occupied – Warwick Against Cuts.
  • University of Leeds – ~400 occupy Michael Sadler building; According to SocialistWorkerUK, ~700 occupying Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre – OccupiedLeeds.
  • Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Oxford – Radcliffe Camera occupied –  Occupied Oxford. (Occupation ended on Thursday evening as police battered down the doors and evicted demonstrators).
  • University College London – Bodleian Library occupied – UCLoccupation.
  • University of East London
  • Newcastle University – 60 occupy Fine Arts Building – Newcastle Uni occupation.
  • Edinburgh University – Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2 occupied – Edinburgh Uni Anti-Cuts.
  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  • University of Dundee – Tower building occupied [source]
  • London Southbank University – Language Centre occupied –  Save South Bank
  • Roehampton University – Grove House occupied – Roe Uni Occupation.
  • University of Essex – Lecture Block occupied
  • Cardiff University – Shandon Lecture Theatre
  • University of Bristol – Anson Rooms of Student Union Building occupied – [from indymedia].
  • University of West England, Bristol – (Main building of Frenchay Campus, occupied as of 22.Nov) – [from indymedia] – UWE Camp for Ed.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – (50 students occupy Geoffrey Manton Building, Lecture Theatre 7. As of 22.Nov) – MMUoccupation.
  • University of Manchester – Roscoe Building – RoscoeOccupation.
  • Plymouth University – Roland Levinsky Building, Room 008 (occupied as of 23.Nov)
  • School of Oriental and African Studies – Brunei Gallery (occupied as of 22.Nov) – SOASoccupation.
  • Royal Holloway, University London – Sit-in of Picture Gallery Corridor of Founder’s building – RHACC.
  • Also, Lib-Dem deputy leader, Simon Hughes had his office occupied by 30 students from the London School of Economics

4 Responses to “UK Universities Occupied”

  1. Great news from across the pond | THOSE WHO USE IT Says:

    […] march occupying Tory headquarters.  Keep an eye out for developments all over the country.  Occupy CA has an excellent list of resources, as does what appears to be the self-proclaimed coordinating […]

  2. Occupied Leeds University Says:

    25 Nov. Leeds Uni occupied overnight … continuing this morning … please send updates of support & also how other unis are doing.

    BBC Radio Leeds now wants to speak with us …

  3. In Between Day X1 and Day X2: occupations still going strong in UK | UCDavis Bicycle Barricade Says:

    […] stormed public building, danced in the streets and occupied university buildings.  By the 24th, at least 22 occupations in different campuses were taking place, as for today at least 11 of them are still holding strong. […]

  4. We are London Met Says:

    Great news! London Metropolitan University has been occupied! We secured the Finance and the HR department. We issued our demands Friday morning and haven’t heard anything back! We have a very large occupation. This includes, 2kitchens,a large lecture theatre,2 toilets, 2 small class rooms and a small office! We have had great support from a lot of diffrent unions and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved so far. We have also started putting on lectures for all staff and students in the universities. If anybody wants to get in contact with us for more support or to support us please call: 07775531897

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