Italian Students Occupy Cities


“You block our futures, we block your cities.”

ITALY – Today, around 400,000* students continued the fight against austerity measures, the Gelmini Reforms, pushed by the Berlusconi government. Throughout the day, students have blocked major arteries into cities. Highways were blocked in: Pisa; Milan; Genoa; Cosenza; and Bologna, where 5-7,000 blocked the highway. Demonstrators occupied railway stations and subsequently clashed with police in Rome; Turin; Cosenza; Padova; Pisa, around 10,000 strong; and Bologna. Demonstrators have set up roadblocks in several cities including, Milan and Palermo. Students in Naples have occupied the historic Castel dell’Ovo. Students also occupied the Political Science faculty at the University of Bologna.

Bologna highway takeover:

Students and Police clash in Bologna:

More News:

*According to the Italian Students Union.

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