Four Theses on the Invisible University


from reallyopenuniversity:

A radical critique of the university and student activism from the Regents of the Invisible University. Dedicated to our comrades at the University of California.

Thesis 0.1: The University is a Machine in the Network of Capitalism & Empire.

Does anyone still pretend that earning a degree is anything other than job training? Can professors still hide that their knowledge is commodified? Is it not clear that the university is the lap-dog of the state?

Thesis 0.2: There is No Crisis. It is all Business as Usual.

We cry for the loss of a dream that never was. The university was never ours. After shaking off the unessential it will rise from the grave merely mutated and continue to serve its master.

Thesis 0.3: The University Cannot be Saved.

Stop occupying dead space. Our demands merely echo through the empty corridors. There is nothing here for us to take-back or transform, except their administration of an infertile garden.

Thesis 0.4: Defect to the Invisible University!

Abandon the university! Join the university! We are building a new community in the shell of the old: an universitas magistrorum et scholarium, a community of teachers and scholars.



One Response to “Four Theses on the Invisible University”

  1. autonomedia Says:

    Toward the Global Autonomous University!

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