UPR Students Call for Support


from EmancipatingEducation:

(pardon my broken English – public education in here is not a priority…)
Since December the 14th, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), the only public university of the Island, has been on strike against a $800 special fee they want to put us for this new semester. Since the strike began just weeks before the current semester was about to end, the support of students has not been as massive as the last Spring strike (who longed for 62 days).
Everyday we wake up with massive display of police inside the Campus … even on [December 20] there was a huge riot [which ended in] the [arrest] of 18 students and dozens of wounded.
Here’s 2 videos of the riot:

Now, January the 11th is the day that the UPR administration said that it will be renewing the classes of the semester who hasn’t ended … this day we are trying to get any type of international support since the Government has already said that they will not keep tolerating this strike. Therefore, we will be looking forward to maybe even worst violence that we have already lived in this strike already.


[Editor: Updates will be posted as they come.]

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