Wisconsin is stirring


MADISON, Wisconsin – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been pushing the state assembly to put forward an anti-union and anti-collective bargaining bill which would affect all state employees with the exception of fire and police unions. Walker threatened early on that he would unleash the national guard on any striking workers. Public schools have been closed for three days in Madison. Democratic senators have refused to show up in the capitol.

Students at UWM (Madison) held a walk out yesterday (among others); this video of the mass of students was submitted to us:

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from BurntBookmobile:

-The Milwaukee public school district union, the MTEA and its teachers have made a decision to hold a “sick out” and join the building demonstrations happening in Madison. MPS is shut down for teachers and students. (more info here)

-The numbers of anti-austerity and anti-bill protesters tomorrow at the Union are estimated to be the largest of all of the days so far. Some estimates are as high as 60,000 plus people.

-The Wisconsin Tea Party, which largely supports Governor Walker and could be held to be responsible for his election victory, are calling for counter-protests tomorrow as well “to clear the pigsty” that has occupied the Capitol in Madison. With this comes the possibility for confrontation between counter-protesters and occupiers, and between the police who will attempt to keep the situation under control. At the same time, there is an attempt to keep things contained and peaceful on the part of Union leadership, marshals, etc as well as an immense effort of self-policing proliferating.

-Meanwhile the leadership of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, with 23,000 members, is making offers to betray their workers by declaring they are willing talk about concessions. (more info) This move hopefully opens up room for wildcat strikes to take shape amongst the less docile members.

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