Cal Hunger Strike for Ethnic Studies


BERKELEY, California – Students at UC Berkeley began a hunger strike yesterday, April 26th, to save Ethnic Studies from being consolidated with Gender and Women’s Studies and African American studies into a single department as a part of the UC’s plan for Operational Excellence. This follows a hunger strike from last year demanding a public denouncement of SB1070 by the chancellor, among a list of 5 other demands.

This current hunger strike is demanding:

1. Reinstate the FTE staff positions in Ethnic Studies cut by organizational simplification under Operational Excellence
2. End the current process of Operational Excellence
3. Publicly support the Legislative Resolution ACR 34, co-authored by Ricardo Lara and Luis A. Alejo in Support of Ethnic Studies in California.
4. We demand that the administration publicly acknowledge the unfulfilled promise of the creation of a Third World College at UC Berkeley.

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2 Responses to “Cal Hunger Strike for Ethnic Studies”

  1. Michael Says:

    Starve the admin, not yourselves!

  2. gsphe Says:

    How many students are participating?

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