Wave of Sit-ins in US continue at UT


AUSTIN, Texas – Students at the University of Texas, Austin have taken over the office of President Bill Powers, demanding that he take a stronger stance against sweatshop conditions of workers producing university apparel. Similar sit-ins have taken place recently at Emory University; College of William and Mary; Rutgers; University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Tulane against poor working conditions. All of the demonstrations have been affiliated with United Students Against Sweatshops. Several of these actions have resulted in the arrests of the demonstrators.

2 Responses to “Wave of Sit-ins in US continue at UT”

  1. Emily Montan Says:

    The students and staff also protested where the University of California purchased their tee shirts and other items at the Office of the President almost 4 years ago. I am so glad to read that other universities have followed and hope that more do the same. It is unforgivable that any US institution support sweatshops no matter where they are.

  2. Jack Says:

    Student organizing and action this spring has been incredbile! You can find a lot of videos from USASers’ sit-ins at youtube.com/stopsweatshops and http://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Students-Against-Sweatshops/10009301703

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