CA capitol action


SACRAMENTO, California – The CTA (California Teachers Association) held a rally Monday in the state capitol of California against Governor Brown’s upcoming budget cuts potentially reducing the budget for education by billions of dollars. Between 50-150 anti-budget cut activists composed of students, union members, and others sat in at the capitol. The demonstrators were given a dispersal order, and have now been arrested and taken to county jail.

Follow whats going on with the arrests with occupySac on twitter.


6:30am: One large group of protestors were released earlier this morning, however the county jail will not be releasing the next group for another 12 hours. Protestors are requesting people call the jail and request an earlier release, 916.874.6752

11am: All demonstrators have been released from jail.

One Response to “CA capitol action”

  1. Durruti Says:

    70 people were arrested, good turn out from teachers compared to usual, in defiance of their unions of course. No one released yet, afterparty to follow. Other groups are coming tomorrow for Sacramento occupation part 2! Join us! If you can offer rides please check the facebook event. Thanks for the support! <3

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