Police kill in SF Bayview


SAN FRANCISCO, California – Around 4:45pm today, police shot and killed a MUNI passenger in the Bayview district of San Francisco. The police claim they spotted a gun on the passenger and chased him down; then the passenger drew his gun and shot at the police. The police have provided empty bullet casings they found on the street as evidence, but have yet to recover a weapon, suggesting the passenger either threw it away or the weapon was taken by a passerby. Witnesses, however, claim that the young man had no weapon, but was being chased for fare evasion for the light-rail. One witness said, “It didn’t even make sense what-so-ever, honestly. A young man running, he didn’t even have no gun out at all, with his hands up in the air, and you’re still shooting?” (KTVU). This shooting comes only a few weeks after the killing of Charles Hill at the SF Civic Center BART platform, where police claimed Hill wielded a knife, and where witnesses claimed he had no knife.

A call to protest the shooting has gone out, asking people to meet up at 24th and mission in San Francisco (as of around 9:30pm, Saturday).


Sunday, July 17

1:30pm: A speak out against the police shooting at Bayview is being attacked by the police. They are pepper spraying demonstrators and they are calling for support and folks with video cameras.

Read the updated article from SF Bay View.

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