Demonstration Over Bayview Shooting Results in Arrests


SAN FRANCISCO, California – On Saturday July 16th, Police shot and killed Kenneth Harding at a MUNI station in Bayview. Police claim Harding was carrying a gun and shot at the police, forcing them to shoot Harding. While several witnesses claim that Police chased Harding for fare evasion and that Harding was not firing a gun. Police claim that they discovered Harding’s gun at a parolee’s home and gun powder residue on Harding’s hand. However, skepticism over SFPD’s claims that contradict witness accounts has lead to several protests already.

On Tuesday evening demonstrators gathered in Dolores Park together to denounce the second police shooting of a public transit passenger this month. Around 150-200 protesters marched from Dolores Park, through the Mission district and down to Market street. Along the way, demonstrators smashed a bank’s window, and threw a hammer at a police station. Smoke bombs and paint balls were also released. As the marchers approached the cable car turnaround off of Market, a few dozen were kettled, or immobilized by police, including a journalist. Another journalist was allegedly attacked by either a demonstrator or a police officer, resulting in damage to the journalist’s camera. One demonstrator was struck by a police motorcycle and subsequently arrested. A total of 35 were arrested by the end of the demonstration. (See photos on Indybay)

Read some of the literature being passed out during the demo.



4:00pm – At least one person arrested last evening is still in jail, for two felony charges.


Police are now claiming that Harding shot himself in the head. However, they’ve been unable to find the gun that was used. Also, read Bay of Rage’s article on the demo/march from Tuesday, here.

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