Free Fly Benzo


SAN FRANCISCO, California — In the wake of the 2 recent police shootings — one by the BART police, killing Charles Hill, who was intoxicated and shot moments after police arrived, and the second by the SFPD killing Kenneth Harding, for what many witnesses corroborate as Harding evading a public transit fare — a flurry of protests and actions have erupted resulting in dozens of arrests. Among these, one community member and organizer, Fly Benzo, was arrested at his home by the police a few days ago. He is being held right now on $43,000 bail, and has been charged with some misdemeanors and felonies. His arraignment is being held today, most likely during the afternoon. Supporters should stay updated here, and turn out to pack the courtroom today!

UPDATE: It appears the DA has dropped his charges, and that he will be released today (Tuesday).

TIME: Monday – July 25

The arraignment looks to begin in the afternoon, but folks will be demonstrating starting at 8:30am.

UPDATE: It appears that he will be arraigned on Thursday, July 28th, instead.

LOCATION: San Francisco Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street

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