Anonymous targets BART


SAN FRANCISCO, California – Last week on Thursday, BART shut down cell phone access at their stations in San Francisco to deter social networking during a protest they expected to happen in response to the recent police killing of Charles Hill. The protest never materialized, never-the-less cellphone access was turned off. In response, folks from anonymous declared a campaign against the BART, #opBART, over the breach in civil liberties reminiscent of the Egyptian state’s termination of internet access during the uprisings in January. Since then, anonymous has hacked the myBART website, releasing this message and list of user accounts.

They also called for a demonstration for today, Monday, August 15th. The demo combined a criticism of the BART police and its recent police killings, alongside the cellphone shutdown. The demonstrators successfully shuttered four BART stations along Market st. for several hours and kept up chants of, “no justice, no peace. Disband the BART police!”, and “Cops! Pigs! Murderers!” Some also donned anonymous’ trademark ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks and chanted, “we do not forgive. We do not forget.”

See more on Indybay. Read the flyer here.

One flyer distributed during the demo.

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