Josh Wolf forced to reimburse Cal Prof


BERKELEY, California – In November 2009, Josh Wolf was among a few journalists covering the occupation of Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley, resulting in the arrest of Wolf and the occupiers. Wolf was a graduate student in the School of Journalism at Cal, and was present at the occupation as a journalist, but was nevertheless charged for student conduct violations. Wolf, who has a history of standing up for the importance of journalism and the rights of journalists, was given a conduct hearing with optometry professor Robert DiMartino as the chair of the hearing. Wolf took DiMartino to small claims for denying his right to have a legal adviser present during his hearing. The small claims case was dismissed, but DiMartino took Wolf back to court and demanded that Wolf pay the court fees of $1,066. The court concluded that Wolf must pay $747.90. Read more.

Wolf is seeking financial support to cover the cost of this pitiable excuse for justice. Donate here.


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