#Occupy Digest


In the wake of the recent #Occupy movement, we wanted to create a running digest of some helpful resources for information and critiques. (None of the following are endorsements. This list is not comprehensive.)

#Occupy Critiques/Analysis:

#Occupy News Sources:

#Occupy on Twitter:

Using twitter to find out what’s going on is sometimes your best bet. Go to the search page on twitter and type in “#Occupy” and then the city name all in one word, eg. #OccupySF (note, it’s not case-sensitive). #OccupyWallStreet is also shortened to #OWS. FYI, the hashtags are twitter users’ way of categorizing tweets. Here’s a short list of some users who frequently post news:

See Also:

  • This statement from #OccupyBoston about supporting a diversity of tactics.

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2 Responses to “#Occupy Digest”

  1. Andy Ezra Moskowitz (@a_sunspeck) Says:

    Thank you! Seems like a really solid collection of analysis from the radical side. With so much activity here in town, it’s been hard to keep up with external media…

    Been trying to stick to fairly neutral GA recaps thus far, but expect good things to come from http://occupysantacruz.org

    Really look forward to starting some discussions on how to write a consensus-modelled newspaper…

  2. Marc Bousquet Says:

    Please remember to add Occupy San Jose:


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