#OccupyOakland Responds to Morning Raid


OAKLAND, California – This morning, Tuesday October 25, at 4:30am more than 500 police officers arrested approximately 105 occupiers from the Oscar Grant Plaza (formerly Frank Ogawa Plaza) and the Snowpark occupation under order from the City of Oakland. Those arrested this morning are being charged with, remaining in the scene of a riot, at least. Occupiers immediately sent out a call for an emergency convergence to respond to the raid for 4pm at from the Oakland public library on 14th and Madison.

Oakland North reports that this image captures only a third of the crowd size (5pm)


~4:45pm – Around 300+ folks are rallied at the library [corrected]

5:04pm – Demonstrators vow to meet at 6pm on 14th and Broadway everyday, whatever happens tonight.

5:15pm – Demonstrators marching to Oscar Grant Plaza

5:25pm – Chanting, “the system has got to die. Hella hella occupy.”

5:40pm – On Broadway. Crowd is around 1000, possibly more.

5:45pm – Detouring passed the police dept.

6:00pm – Tear gas being deployed in front of county jail (see below).

6:05pm – Palo Alto police have been brought in. Rubber bullet rounds being used to keep demonstrators away from police headquarters and Oscar Grant Plaza. At least a few arrested so far; at least one woman was beat with a baton by police.

Palo Alto police rolling in.

6:17pm – numbers are growing, around 2000. Police have been hit with paint balls.

6:25pm – Police give a dispersal order to leave in 5min at [14th] and Broadway.

6:38pm – Protesters divided into different areas, including 19th & Broadway (in front of Fox Theater) and 14th and Broadway.

6:43pm – Mainstream news reporting “no clashes” have occurred which is patently false.

6:45pm – One crowd now approaching 20th and Franklin

6:51pm – Stopped at the 20th and Franklin intersection, but appears to be on the move again.

Boots Riley addresses crowd, 20th and Franklin

6:54pm – Crowd estimates between 3000 and 5000 now.

6:56pm – Mixed reports saying either thousands appear to be marching towards OPD HQ or towards Snow Park.

7:03pm – Folks in Snow Park. Holding a GA.

7:10pm – Marchers leaving snow park.

7:15pm – Marchers heading back toward Oscar Grant Plaza. Whilst, folks already there are facing down police.

7:20pm – Marchers a few blocks away.

7:26pm – Marchers arrive at Oscar Grant Plaza, only to be met by the same riot police (see image above).

7:34pm – Police threatening tear gas.

Back at 14th and Broadway.

7:42pm – A trash can is on fire.

7:44pm – Tear gas and flash bangs thrown at demonstrators at 14th and Broadway. 10-20 tear gas canisters fired.

7:48pm – At least some of the crowd is regrouping at 14th and Webster.

7:53pm – Some demonstrators returning to 14th and Broadway.

7:55pm – Unconfirmed reports of people with wounds, specifically one with a head injury on 15th.

Flash bangs and tear gas being released:

7:58pm – Through coughing and crying due to tear gas, demonstrators shouting, “we’re still here”.

8:05pm – Head injury confirmed.

8:12pm – LRAD is being brought out. Folks are moving towards San Pablo.

8:30pm – Demonstrators have returned to 14th and Broadway, around 500+

8:40pm – Demonstrators shouting, “Let’s go Oakland!” It appears at least one unattended police car is smashed up.

8:49pm – Demonstrators throwing things at police.

9:07pm – A car is on fire. However, it was put out by movement police.

9:09pm – An “eerie” calm has overtaken the crowd.

9:27pm – Large quantities of tear gas and flash grenades deployed.

9:34pm – Groups of people seem to have reconnoitered in different areas.

9:43pm – More tear gas, this time on Telegraph and 15th.

10:16pm – The standoff continues. Also earlier, a woman was hit after the tear gas canisters flew into the crowd. She was seen bleeding profusely, but appears to be doing okay now.

10:40pm – Bottles thrown at police, and much more tear gas is released. Also this person (below) was injured by rubber bullets.

Another round of teargas was released at around 11:15pm. Around 12:30am, demonstrators agreed to disperse and return the next day at 6pm at 14th and Broadway, like it was discussed earlier in the evening.

Read more at: Oakland North, Indybay.


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