#OccupyOakland Ratifies General Strike for Nov. 2


OAKLAND, California – The recently renewed #OccupyOakland General Assembly has ratified a city-wide General Strike for November 2nd. Read the statement on #OccupyOakland.

PDF: GeneralStrikeOakland2

18 Responses to “#OccupyOakland Ratifies General Strike for Nov. 2”

  1. Occupy Oakland: General Strike on Nov. 2nd « The Nail That Sticks Up Says:

    […] For more, see: https://occupyca.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/occupyoakland-ratifies-general-strike-for-nov-2/ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/27/1030480/-Occupy-Oakland-Calling-for-General-Strike-on-Wednesday-Nov-2nd https://twitter.com/#!/occupyoakland/status/129432845067362304 https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23nov2 https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23generalstrike  […]

  2. Ashley Coatney Says:

    I’m down!!

  3. Chuck Fredrickson Says:

    As a part of the 99% I believe the only cure from our obvious economic slide is to stop using money.
    The government will try to trick us into a one world currency, but we must not be fooled. Basically don’t do anything they say.
    Originally I was going to say that we must stop working, but that, we cannot do either. Keep working, but do not cash your checks.
    Do not pay your bills. Do not charge anyone who says they are the 99% That way we can effectively charge the 1% until there is only 100%.
    I’m saying that if you are a part of this movement you will NOT use money at all. And if anyone asks you for money you tell them about this, and walk away.
    Start from the ground up and see how far it can go. Sure there is risk of being fired, or being charged, but you must not let thier money be worth anything to you.
    That’s how they will keep us tied down. It’s pretty simple people…we learned this in kindergarten… All we have to do is SHARE!!!!

  4. Occupy Oakland calls for strike | NewsGlobal TV Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city next […]

  5. Ben Jay Stoddard Says:

    I’m on it.

  6. Occupy Oakland seeks strike after Scott Olsen injury | Religion Free Man Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city next week. The call to strike on 2 November emerged as protesters gathered late on […]

  7. Peter Bisson Says:

    This is the big one,no compromise,no half measures…if you don’t defeat the 1%..they sure as hell will defeat you.
    Best wishes from the United Kingdom
    Our struggle will begin in deadly earnest quite soon.

  8. Oakland heads for a general strike/Hedges models verbal non-violence « Mercury Rising 鳯女 Says:

    […] is going to need it. The wounding of Iraq veteran Scott Olsen will precipitate an attempt at a general strike; the police obstructed the medical treatment of Olsen, aiming flashbangs directly at medics (see […]

  9. Occupy Oakland calls for strike | TAWNET Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city next […]

  10. Occupy Oakland calls for strike » Pickersleigh Community Watch Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city next […]

  11. Occupy Oakland calls for strike | Fresh Coffee News… Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the […]

  12. "’Pistol Packin’ Mama, Lay That Pistol Down’, the number one hit, echoed off all the buildings." | My Blog Says:

    […] TheOccupy Oakland General Assembly has called for a new general strike. Recalling the last U.S. general strike, organized just blocks away, may offer some opportunity for reflection on the evolution of labor and organizing tactics over the past 60 years. […]

  13. Occupy Oakland calls for strike | All Latest News Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the city next […]

  14. General Strike « Shit Happens Says:

    […] taking part in the the Occupy Oakland protests have called for a general strike in the […]

    • nick matthiessen Says:

      Shit Happens: I think you need to check your facts before publishing.. Two attacks took place on Tuesday. In the early morning around (sunrise) police violently evicted peaceful occupiers from their camp. Later that same day police fired all sorts of projectiles in an effort to keep people from re-occupying the plaza, resulting in the injury of peaceful protesters such as Scott Olsen, to name one.
      Wednesday evening the plaza was re-occupied and a General Assembly of at least 1,500 voted in favor of a General Strike to be held on Nov. 2nd. This group, and a few hundred more, then took to the streets in protest of the previous nights violence.

      there you go. that’s what happened.

  15. Brock Says:

    You don’t stop using money. You can’t. That is ridiculous. You have to have money to get by, unless you live on an Omish farm where you go down to the creek to get your own water, butcher your own animals and pick berries and milk cows for hours on end. All everyone has to do is INVEST IN LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS. By not spending money, you will be cutting off your nose dispite your face. Just transfer the money. That simple. They can’t tell you no. You still have your money to live off of, you’re not “going to work and not cashing your check” (wtf). Transfer your money away from big banks. It’s that easy. Most credit unions have a board of directors who are usually community members overseeing the transactions of the institution…many times it’s someone you know in smaller towns. November 5th. Bank Transfer Day.

  16. Nikki S. Says:

    Brock, nobody is asking you to live without spending money except on ONE day. This is easy. And it lets the world know how many are in support of the movement. That’s what a general strike is for. Just to lend support, wherever you live. If everyone supporting the Occupiers spends NO money on Nov. 2, it wll be a remarkable thing, noticable to everyone.

  17. Nov. 2 General Strike for Scott Olsen Occupation Sources List; Draft I « Geanark Says:

    […] #OccupyOakland Ratifies General Strike for Nov. 2 « occupy california – 10/26 […]

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