#OccupyOakland Returns to Oscar Grant Plaza


OAKLAND, California – On Tuesday, the City of Oakland befouled both occupations thriving in downtown. At 4:30am, Oakland police along side other police from all over Alameda County and beyond, in excess of 500 officers, ransacked the occupations at Oscar Grant Plaza, followed by Snowpark. Yesterday at 4pm, occupiers gathered themselves and reconvened in front of one of Oakland’s public libraries, also suffering from austerity, to respond to the show of force earlier that day which resulted in over 100 arrests. They vowed to return the next day, and every day at 6pm until the occupations were reborn. Through the rest of the evening several thousand joined the marchers as they sought to restore their encampment. However, police still swarmed the area and refused the occupiers of a return to Oscar Grant Plaza. As the night wore on, police continued to show their brutality, launching dozens of attacks on peaceful marchers with rubber bullets, tear gas, and the blunt edge of the billy club. Many were hurt, a few needed serious medical attention. A little past midnight, the dwindling number of marchers decided to save their energy to reconnoiter for the afternoon.

Today, as the occupiers promised, they’ve returned. Chain linked fences have replaced the bulk of the police force present yesterday, blocking the plaza from anyone’s entry. All that remains of the last few weeks of occupation are a mosaic of fading patches of grass and thousands of folks ready to rebuild. More to follow.


6:20pm – As #OccupyOakland holds a general assembly, #OccupyWallStreet have descended to the streets in solidarity. Rumors are also spreading that #OWS is donating $20,000 to aid the folks in Oakland.

#OccupyWallStreet Solidarity Demonstration, around 9pm EST

Oakland, a little past 6pm.

6:30pm – Word is coming in that at least one demonstrator at the #OWS solidarity demonstration with Oakland has been arrested.

6:36pm – Some movement police are stopping folks from tearing down the chain link fence.

6:38pm – GA speaker confirms that #OWS is donating money to Oakland.

6:50pm – Correction, actual GA will begin in a few moments. Right now a few folks are on stack to speak. It looks like over 2000 people in attendance. Human mic in effect.

7:00pm – Fence is coming down!

7:15pm – Oakland Commune banner has been raised again.

Oakland GA continues. Fencing remains around the amphitheater only

7:30pm – Constant honking in solidarity from passing cars. Rumors are flying that #OccupySF may be raided by the police tonight (around 3am).

7:38pm – Oakland GA proposing city-wide General Strike for as early as Nov. 2.

7:40pm – Crowd estimate at around 3000.

A march to #occupySF began earlier, only to be disrupted by the shuttering of BART. However, marchers have decided to take a tour of the city instead. Also, Egyptian protesters will stand in solidarity tomorrow with #occupyOakland in Tahrir Square.

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