Long Live the Oakland Commune


OAKLAND, California – On October 26, a general assembly at #OccupyOakland called for a general strike for the following week, voted on by 1500 people with several thousand others rebuilding the Oakland Commune after the encampment was destroyed the previous day by police. The following is a liveblog of the events of the General Strike on November 2nd.

News on the street suggest the port of Oakland is already shut down due to the mass amount of sick calls by ILWU workers. As of around noon there are at least 5000 people spread out over the occupation and 14th and broadway, as well as those marching throughout downtown.



12:44pm – the oakland childrens strike is here


One sign reads, too small to fail.

12:51 – about 300+ just showed up from Berkeley.

(above: from 15th and broadway, but cannot capture the enormity of the crowd size)

1:10- berkeley students announces plans to occupy UCOP now in response to UCOPs cooperation with the OPD



1:45- ucop was locked down and demonstrators were unable to enter. Anticapitalist march begins at 2pm at telegraph and broadway

2:23- anticapitalist march rolling 1-2000 deep, with black bloc leading


2:30- banks being tagged. Chase windows smashed

Between 2:30 and 3:30 several bank windows were smashed during the anticapitalist march including BofA, Chase, and Wells Fargo. Paint was thrown on Oakland Whole Foods and the UCOP building. Although some movement police tried to intervene and use physical violence against folks in black bloc, no one seemed to be injured. Later during the march an undercover cop was identified in the crowd, he was encircled and forced to leave. Peopleare getting ready now to march down to the port of Oakland.

5:10- we got to the oakland port about ten minutes ago. Right now attempting longet human mic ever. There are people miles behind us.


6:10- the first wave of marchers have reached the final gate. We’re hearing the second wave of folks are 10,000 strong. Some say numbers are between 20,000-40,000.

(above: some IVAW members line up at gate 55 and 56 o help shut down the port)

6:38- rumors flying here at ports that occupysf is blocking bay bridge

6:49- clarification, there are several berths we’re blocking in order to convince officials that ILWU workers can’t work.

6:54- speaker is addressing crowd at berth 55 and 56 that the cops we keep hearing rumors about are probably ca highway patrol concerned about folks taking over bay bridge not the ports. Furthermore speaker explains we need to wait at each berth until the union arbitor comes and comfirms that workers are blocked from entry.


7:40- so, word on the street is the port workers shift change is at 8pm so we’re just hanging in here until the arbiter swings by.

7:46- once we get confirmation that arbiters acknowledge ports are shut down and port workers don’t have to come to work tonight, then the farthest berth/gate will begin to march back and pick up everyone along the way to march back to Oscar Grant Plaza

7:53- we’re also hearing news that at least one demonstrator was hit by a car on broadway. @AnonMedics are reporting that cops are mobilizing (near the opd hq).

8:02- people need to stay here at the ports until arbritration is finished! Please wait until a crowd lead by Boots Riley comes round and we all head back to Oscar Grant Plaza together. Please spread the word!

8:05- word is occupysf is marching over to occupy the bay bridge

8:27- two demonstrators have been hit so far, but injuries do not look fatal

8:29- it looks like we’re starting to head back soon.

9:15- so, we’re going back to OGP, while others are staying behind at the port with barricades. Sound truck leads the way back


9:40- we saw dozens of police cars with sirens going down 980 about ten minutes ago

12:05am- some 1000 riot police just showed up. Folks ar holding it down on three streets, broadway, telegraph… Bonfire as barricade


12:32- standoff on broadway

12:52- folks r standing off at the entrances of ogp: at san pablo and broadway.

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