CSU Trustees Disrupted


LONG BEACH, California – While the University of California Regents decided not to meet this week, the Trustees of the California State University system are holding meetings, in part to discuss a tuition proposal that could raise tuition another $498. Protests against the Trustees successfully disrupted the meeting for a while, leading to confrontations between police and demonstrators. Police used pepper spray and beat students in an effort to force students out of the building. A glass door was shattered, and police have reportedly suffered cuts. Four demonstrators have been arrested. As of around noon, the Trustees have approved the $498 or 9% tuition increase in a vote taken behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, the California Faculty Association is organizing a faculty strike at CSU Dominguez Hills and CSU East Bay for tomorrow.

UPDATE: A UCLA undergraduate student was arrested on felony charges related to the door breaking, and is being held on $30,000 bail.  UCLA organizers are working to free the student tonight.


One Response to “CSU Trustees Disrupted”

  1. Hali Um William Says:

    //Trustees have approved the $498 or 9% tuition increase in a vote taken behind closed doors.//

    How does this relate to the Brown Act? Isn’t the CSU system public?

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