#OccupySF & Edu March Take Over BofA Branch


SAN FRANCISCO, California – Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the financial district of San Francisco on Wednesday beginning at Justin Herman Plaza, one of the main encampments of #OccupySF. The march eventually lead to a Bank of America branch at California and Davis st. where demonstrators have taken over the lobby. Some demonstrators set up tents in the lobby.


2:40pm – the police have given them a dispersal warning.

2:45pm – police are arresting people on the outside of the BofA building.

2:48pm – 100+ folks on the outside are sitting down. Police are standing between those in the lobby and those on the outside.

2:59pm – Demonstrators are attempting to blockade the road to disable police from arresting folks inside BofA and taking them to jail. No one has been taken out of the main entrance yet.

3:06pm – Video: 1.

3:12pm – Marchers leaving BofA for the state building. [Around 95] demonstrators stayed in BofA, and a few dozen or more are outside the bank still.

3:52pm – Police are now arresting people inside the BofA lobby.

4:13pm – Still, slowly arresting people.

4:44pm – Some BofA arrestees are being loaded onto buses now. The marchers arrived at their destination (state building) around an hour ago; now, they’re just standing around in front of it.

5:42pm – So far 66 BofA demonstrators have been arrested. Less than 10 to go.

6:02pm – Correction, less than 10 were outside of a tent, but the tent erected inside BofA still has 10 or so people inside.

6:56pm – Around 95 demonstrators were arrested in BofA. Some are being released now with citations. Also, demonstrators attempted to sell an occupied tent on ebay from inside BofA.

Related News:

  • Around a 100 students held a sit-in at SF State University on Tuesday.

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