WESTWOOD, California – Students at UCLA have organized #OccupyUCLA for today in response to police raids and brutality and UC Berkeley and UC Davis occupations, as well as acting in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet.



1:15pm – watch it on livestream.


8:00pm – Encampment is expected to be raided tonight. General Assembly is scheduled for 9pm.

Friday, 18 November

12:20am – So far no police to be seen, but students are expecting a late night raid like the one in Berkeley yesterday.  30 USC students just marched into the General Assembly, growing the numbers to well over 250.  There’s not enough tents for all the people here.

5:00am – Around 60 police in riot gear arrived, leading to 14 students being arrested. In response, a GA has been called for 3pm Friday at Angela Davis Plaza.

10:30am – The 14 (including grad students, undergrads, and alumni) are still being held at the campus police station but will be released soon. Charges include unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

Related News:

  • #OccupySF expects eviction tonight (Thursday) as well.
  • #OccupyUCDavis established camp today.
  • #OccupyCal holds a rally and a GA Thursday evening in response to the Thursday morning raid on their encampment in Sproul. Read more at zunguzungu.


2 Responses to “#OccupyUCLA”

  1. dave Says:

    what’s with these videos? did u get hacked or something?

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