DAVIS, California – Students set up tents in the Quad at UC Davis on Thursday in response to the police raids and brutality both here, at UC Davis, as well as at UC Berkeley. They have declared their solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet. We even have a mailbox!


Friday, 18 November

4:10pm – The encampment was told to vacate the UC Davis quad by 3pm. However, occupiers refused to move. As of about half an hour ago, around 50 police in riot gear came to remove the camp. Several demonstrators are in zipties. The crowd has allegedly surrounded the police and refused to allow police to leave until they release the ziptied demonstrators. Police have allegedly drawn their batons, and guns [probably pepper bullet guns]; they have also pepper sprayed some demonstrators. It appears police have begun to withdraw from the quad due to the overwhelming crowd refusing to leave. Unfortunately, 10 demonstrators were arrested. Alongside demonstrators, reporters from CBS13 were pepper sprayed, and reporters from the campus paper, the Aggie, were [pushed by police]. See video(s): 1.

(see other video(s): 1.)

4:34pm – Firefighters are on the scene to help treat the maced students. Some have already been treated with baking soda as a part of first aid.

5:50pm – It appears arrested demonstrators will be released from campus police station rather than being sent to jail, organizers are calling for support to stand outside.

7:15pm – At least one of the arrested demonstrators appears to be hospitalized.

Demonstrators held a brief general assembly after the police left to call for a rally on Monday at noon.

Saturday, 19 November

8am – As of last evening, all hospitalized demonstrators are now out of the hospital, and all of the arrested demonstrators have been released.

See More:

  • Video of a response demonstration to the police brutality and the lack of accountability of the chancellor: a long line of demonstrators sit quietly as the Chancellor walks past them on the way to her car.
  • Interview with one of the demonstrators pepper sprayed here.



18 Responses to “#OccupyUCDavis”

  1. Shelley Hale Says:

    I think people should be protesting against the EPA, the air quality management board and all the other agencies involved in over-regulating our jobs right out of California. Furthermore, these agencies are making millions or billions stealing money from people and businesses for useless regulations. These agencies should be taxed to death but, they are probably exempt and these monies are going into pockets of greedy parasites. Do your research…this is a disaster not only for California, but for the entire united states. The people that run these agencies don’t care about the environment or you. They just want more money and power.

  2. carrie Says:

    GO AGGIES!!!!

  3. Tee Pee Says:

    are you insane Shelly Hale?

  4. Braiiiiiiiiiins Says:

    Shelly, the EPA and its policies are a form of Pigovian tax on economic activities: They’re designed to discourage the misallocation and waste that results in negative externalities, such as pollution, disease, and eyesores. The government has determined that, in a cost-benefit analysis, it is more beneficial to tax and regulate certain actions than it is to allow those actions to go unregulated. If you disagree, bone up on medicine, economics and environmental policy, do research, publish your research, and take it to Washington, where it will be laughed at, unless it is laughable, in which case it will be taken seriously.

    You also do not seem to be clear on what the EPA and other agencies are: they’re branches of the federal and state governments. They aren’t profit-making corporations that pay taxes. Governments don’t pay taxes any more than corporations collect them. Money collected by EPA in fines is collected by the federal government, where it is reallocated according to Congressional whim, not the whim of the EPA. If you believe there is a certain use for that money that is more beneficial than others, then you should either lobby your Congressmen or you should run for Congress yourself.

    Considering the EPA determines environmental policy based on scientific research, while Congress prevents it from making certain policies official, it seems more likely that Congress or their constituents are the ones that want the money and power: the money of campaign contributions from corporations that benefit from a weak EPA, and the power of owning a Congressman.

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  8. The California Aggie Says:

    Point of clarification: There are no reports from Aggie reporters that they were hit with batons. The California Aggie photography editor and a staff photographer said they were pushed by police with their hands. Officers were then ordered to take batons out, which they pointed at our photographers and other students who were in the area. Our photographers were told to “Back the fuck up,” and were pushed and shoved by various police officers.

  9. Mark Dixon Says:

    I sent the following to Chancellor Linda Katehi: Kent State University in Ohio has many wonderful programs and has accomplished much of value and merit in the past 41 years. But honestly, what do you think of when you hear “Kent State”? You think of John Filo’s Pulitzer prize winning photograph of Mary Vecchio screaming in horror over the dead body of Jeffrey Miller. That, for 41 years, has been the indelible image of Kent State. Yesterday, UC Davis made a name for itself nationally and internationally. Today, Wayne Tilcock’s iconic photograph of Lt. John Pike of the university police brutally spraying a line of unarmed, seated, peaceful students who were a threat to no one has been seen by millions the world over. People who never heard of UC Davis before yesterday now have that one indelible image to remember you by. For years to come, that image is what people will think of when they hear “UC Davis”. I hope Wayne Tilcock wins the Pulitzer for that photograph, he deserves it. I hope Lt. John Pike gets fired for his actions, he deserves it.

  10. Ziggie10 Says:

    Apparently going to a public institution of higher education means that you surrender your rights as part of admission.

    If you do protest, you are sprayed like a bug or beaten. Is this what public education has become in America?

    It sounds more like the Soviet system.

  11. Nathan Says:

    The UC system is radicalizing a generation of activists. These students will never forget what has happened to them.

    Moderate students once, who will now be angry for a lifetime. The next generation of politicians and activists will be defined by what is happening on these college campuses.

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  17. Bill Fell Says:

    Power of Silence

    It’s not so much our abilities
    that account for who we are
    but our choices

    How to quell the wisdom of the mob
    when there is no leader;
    requires an ability for patience

    Remove a few demonstrator tents
    pepper spray the calmly-seated;
    it’s the choices we make

    Human microphone builds an accord
    U-stream smartphone live
    Who’s best able to leverage this web

    Chancellor’s shoes clomping slowly
    across sidewalk to her awaiting car
    a consensus choice exit for those engaged

    The fearful mind of “the man”
    escorted safely by the power of silenc e
    It’s not so much our abilities
    but our choices

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