Oakland Commune Assembles to Retake a Space


OAKLAND, California – The Oakland Commune’s general assembly called this past week for a march to reclaim a space today. This day has also been called as a day of action against police repression by the Oakland Commune’s GA. As of around 2:30pm, around 1000 people have assembled in Oscar Grant Plaza and at the adjacent 14th and Broadway intersection, which has been shut down.


The crowd is still forming and growing. There is a strong showing of unions here including ILWU members from Oakland and Longview, WA.

2:38pm – the soundtruck is here




2:50pm – march beginning shortly


3:15pm – the march began 25 min ago, some 2-3000 here



3:30pm – hip hop artist rebel diaz on mic. Going passed lake merritt now

3:54pm – marching east on grand, passed lakeside park




(Above: Photos of the rally at Grand and Santa Clara Ave. Speakers from Oakland Education Association explain the city cuts to k-12, leading to closures of 5 schools and how it will impact learning.)

4:45pm – going back downtown

5:15 pm – the fences are down at 19th and telegraph lot. It is now occupied by a 2-3000. The childrens art along the chain link fencing has been preserved.


5:21pm – occupiers requesting tents and sleeping bags and bodies to help occupy

5:30pm – There are perhaps more than 3000, its difficult to tell. When we arrived there were cops lined up on the telegraph side of this empty lot, but the overwhelming crowd was able to surround the lot and the fencing went down. Now the fencing is lining the sidewalk

5:37pm – the police are present lining the shops across the streets from the occupied plot.



5:41pm – a dance party is taking place, the whole block is occupied by throngs of people

5:45pm – rumors that the snow park occupation is being raided.

20111119-055434.jpg (above: 19th and telegraph lot)

6:36 pm – around 20-30 more cops showed up, but not in riot gear. Were still dancing

6:45pm – cops arent doing anything, just standing off to the side under the awning to stay dry. Its raining a little but the crowd is still strong. Most of the crowd is either dancing or under tarps and tents

6:49pm – good news, there appears to be no raid at snowpark. Crowd at new occupation chanting “ooooakland, ooooakland!”

7:30pm – the crowd has dwindled a bit, in part due to the rain, but hundreds still here. Dance party continues.

10:15pm – soundtruck is packing up and encampment is settling in.

~10:30pm – Soundtruck which has been a part of the march all day today and previously on November 2nd has been impounded by the police!

Sunday, 20 November

Around 7am on Sunday

8:30am – Evicted!

See More:

  • Photos from Indybay: 1, 2, 3, 4.


  • 6 people were arrested early this morning (Sunday) at #OccupySF when police removed tents on the sidwalk next to Justin Herman Plaza, which itself remains untouched.

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