Riot Police Clear New #OccupyOakland Encampment


OAKLAND, California – Occupiers retook a space last night at 19th and Telegraph; an empty lot next to small park. However, around 8am this morning approximately 30 riot police showed up to evict the few hundred occupiers that camped out through the night. The police gave them a 20 minute warning to leave the premises.

8:16am – Police are now giving a 10 minute warning

8:22am – 5 minute warning

8:36am – the plot has been cleared. Occupiers are on the sidewalks adjacent to the plot with their tents and equipment.

8:54am – Occupiers are still present next to the plot, at an intersection of 19th and Rashida Muhammad St. discussing what to do.

8:56am – Occupiers chanting “Let’s Go Oakland!”

9:55am – Police are clearing out the intersection where occupiers have been assembled for the past hour.

10:15am – Demonstrators are returning to Oscar Grant Plaza

No reports of arrests. A General Assembly has been scheduled for 6pm at Oscar Grant Plaza.


  • A 5pm Assembly at Oscar Grant Plaza for today has been called to help organize the December 12th West Coast Coordinated Port Shutdown.
  • 6 people were arrested at #OccupySF early this morning, when the police removed the tents on the sidewalk next to Justin Herman Plaza.
  • 15 arrested at #OccupyFresno this morning.

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