SF Market St Occupied


SAN FRANCISCO, California – In response to this morning’s raid on #OccupySF, demonstrators called for a rally this afternoon. Since 4pm, demonstrators have been at 101 Market st. discussing the raid. After some tense police confrontations and at least one arrest, a standoff between police and demonstrators took hold in the street. Police shut down traffic to the street and demonstrators began setting up tents starting around 5pm. As of 10:45pm, there are 7 tents up and hundred or more demonstrators. Demonstrators are cooperating with MUNI to allow public transport to continue. At midnight, tents were moved back to the plaza; one demonstrator remained and was arrested.


  • The 19th and telegraph Oakland occupation was also raided this morning, but was completely cleared unlike the occupation at 101 Market in SF.


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