Thousands Gather at Davis Against Police Brutality


DAVIS, California – In response to the pepper spraying of protesting students at #OccupyUCDavis last week, a noon rally for today, November 21, was scheduled. As of around noon, several thousand have taken to the quad.

12:30pm – Various speakers are talking about their experience being pepper sprayed 3 times in a row. The speaker right now explained how when he was arrested, the zip ties were so tight around his wrist that it caused nerve damage and he has lost some motor function in one his hands.

12:47pm – The crowd size appears to be 2000-5000, but may be much higher (over 10,000). It’s difficult to tell.

1:00pm – Professor Nathan Brown is calling for the resignation of Chancellor Katehi on the mic. Katehi is on the stage with him. Brown is also calling for the removal of campus police.

1:30pm – The GA just started and the first proposal is a General Education Strike on Monday in response to the Regent’s teleconference. Also, a tent encampment will happen tonight.

~9pm – There are some 50 tents set up.


  • The second #OccupyOakland encampment at Snow Park was raided early this morning and cleared.
  • As of noon on Monday, there are already over 65,000 signatures asking UCD Chancellor Katehi to resign.

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