#OccupySF Justin Herman Plaza Raided


SAN FRANCISCO, California – The #OccupySF encampments began along with #OccupyWallStreet in September. Since then they’ve had to relocate, they’ve expanded to hold multiple encampments, and they’ve been raided multiple times. Justin Herman Plaza is the largest encampment, and it was raided and cleared early this morning, 7 December, around 2am. Police woke occupiers up and gave them a 5 minute warning to disperse. Police proceeded to clear the park, arresting 70 people through the course of the evening. None of the occupiers’ property was merely confiscated, but rather thrown into dump trucks and crushed. In response, there will be a noon rally at the 101 market encampment and 6pm rally at Justin Herman Plaza today, 7 December.

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  • #OccupySantaCruz [partially] disassembles encampment in response to an eviction notice today, 7 December. Police raid the next morning arresting 6 people. Read more.


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