Occupy Wall Street West Action


SAN FRANCISCO, California – Demonstrators from OccupySF organized a day of action for Friday against banks, which began early in the morning. Actions were scattered through out the city, particularly in the financial district re-dubbed “Wall Street West”. Despite inclement weather and brutal police, demonstrators blocked traffic to a number of bank branches and a handful of other corporations, including Bechtel. Around 5pm, they gathered at Bradley Manning Plaza and began a march that traveled to a Bank of America branch where demonstrators had locked arms using pipes and performing a sit-in at the entrance of the branch. Around 7pm, riot police intervened the march and attacked demonstrators using batons and pepper spray. Shortly afterwards, a luxury car dealership’s windows were smashed.

As things settled back down, word came to marchers that the empty Cathedral Hotel, located on Franklin and Geary, was occupied (by Homes Not Jails). Marchers proceeded to go and support the occupation.

A complete timeline of the day’s events is available here.

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