March 1st Day of Action


SANTA CRUZ, California – Around 4am Thursday morning, demonstrators shut down all entrances to the UC Santa Cruz campus. As of 5:30am, there are already several hundred demonstrators scattered across the campus entrances.




5:00pm- Demonstrators have kept the UCSC campus shutdown for the entire day with only a handful of reports that some workers were forced through. There are about 300 people at one of the entrances to campus. It rained continuously from early in the morning until a few hours ago, but hundreds of demonstrators have stayed.


8pm – Demonstrators end the shutdown.

SAN DIEGO, California – UCSD demonstrators held a rally at 11:30am which garnered some 250 participants. Demonstrators then proceeded to march to the UCSD Chancellor’s complex and have occupied a conference room with a list of demands directed at UCSD, the UC system, and nationwide. (some contributions via Cuntrastamu!)

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  • A report on actions at SDSU, Mesa College, UCSD, City College – OB Rag

OAKLAND, California – Demonstrators from UC Berkeley joined demonstrators from Laney College in Oscar Grant Plaza for a rally with some 350 people. After the rally, a march from Oakland to Sacramento started in order to meet the March 5th demonstration at the capitol on Monday. Read one the speeches given at Oscar Grant Plaza here.

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  • Four days later on March 5th, hundreds gathered at the state capitol in Sacramento to protest continued cuts to public education. A sit-in inside the capitol building lead to 72 arrests.

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