Oakland: Donate to #J28 Arrestee


On January 28th, Occupy Oakland hosted a “move-in day” in order to occupy a building to turn it into a community center. The police intervened and refused demonstrators access to the building. After returning to Oscar Grant Plaza and regrouping for a few hours, demonstrators initiated a second march to take over another potential space. However, the police increased their hostility towards demonstrators and repeatedly blocked the march through downtown Oakland. Eventually, the police kettled (surrounded) some 400 marchers and arrested them without reading a dispersal order. The kettle occurred in front of a YMCA building, where some staffers opened the doors to a handful of marchers wary of police violence. The police followed those individuals into the building and subsequently arrested them, charging them with audacious claims of felony burglary.

Among a number of stories that emerged from jailed demonstrators concerning denials of prescription medication include Laura Em. Charged with felonies, Laura faced spending an unknown number of days in jail without necessary medications refused to her by Santa Rita sheriffs. Facing this difficult decision, she opted to bail herself out, costing her some $4,000. She is in need of financial support. Please consider donating!


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